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Aeration cultivates the soil beneath the surface without changing the lawn’s characteristics. As the lawn receives wear and tear from day to day use, it will need aeration. Lawn traffic compresses the soil, which reduces the amount of oxygen available within the structure. This oxygen is paramount for healthy roots, water retention and the general overall health of the lawn.

Compression problems:

  • It can promote moss growth
  • It will lead to an increased amount of thatch
  • Drought resistance of the lawn will be reduced
  • The lawn can lose some of its colour during summer
  • Use of water and fertilisers will be less effective

Benefits of Aeration

Aeration will help to break down the thatch and allow fertiliser to reach the soil. It increases the soil’s ability to absorb water. Aeration will also increase the level of oxygen in the soil which is so paramount to a healthy lawn. However, the most beneficial effect of aeration is that it is environmentally friendly, benefits the whole lawn and has no negative effect on the grass.

Best times to Aerate

Aeration can be carried out at any time of year but should not be carried out when the soil is saturated.

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