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Disease Control

Red Thread

Red Thread turns the grass brown and gives it a tired appearance. You may see small threads coloured red pushing through the grass; it is caused by a fungus that usually is found in shaded damp conditions, but can also be found during the summer months in particular affecting lawns that are not well fertilised.

Red Thread can be controlled with fertilisers and if persistent a fungicide treatment might be needed.

Fairy Ring

Fairy rings are several different fungi in the soil or thatch; some damage or even kill the grass, some do no harm and some stimulate grass growth by releasing nitrogen.

Control is difficult, fungicides are not always effective. Physically removing the fairy ring by digging it out is another option but again not always effective. By dropping the smallest amount of fungus from your spade onto other areas of the lawn can simply cause further infection. Controlling the thatch by scarification and aeration of the lawn can help to prevent and control the fungi.

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