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Grubs live under the surface of the leaves and feed on the stems and roots of the grass. The most common pest is the grub from the crane-fly, more commonly known as the daddy long-legs, and causes most damage in late autumn and in the spring.

Leatherjackets can be controlled by a heavy frost but that cannot be relied on, so treatment with an insecticide may be advisable.

Chafer Grubs

Also known as white grub live in the soil, both larvae and adults cause damage to the lawn.

Like Leatherjackets a heavy frost can help control the grub but treatment with an insecticide may be advisable.


Moles do not eat the roots of plants but survive on small invertebrates living underground. They do however burrow, raising molehills, and cause extensive damage to lawns.

Control usually takes two forms: gassing with approved products such as Phostoxin or trapping. Trapping can take time and requires patience and, if not correctly undertaken, it can be a rather cruel form of control.

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