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Scarification, also known as vertical mowing, is an environmentally friendly procedure and has many benefits for your lawn and can be carried out at any time of year. Scarification will help promote a healthy, lush lawn by removing thatch and moss. Scarification mainly removes organic substances which occur naturally just below the surface of the grass but above the soil.


Thatch has many detrimental effects. Thatch consists of dead, dying and living grass stems, roots and leaves which can end up as a spongy soft surface. This is an ideal breeding ground for diseases and pests.

Thatch can also promote weed invasion plus the growth of unwanted grasses and mosses. It can trap any nutrients applied to a lawn within it, resulting in a shallow root system. A shallow rooted lawn usually provides poor drought resistance, colour and density which means the plants’ ability to recover from wear and tear will be very much reduced.

Benefits of scarification:

  • It will increase the density of the grass
  • It will remove undesirable layers of thatch
  • It will allow water, nutrients and oxygen to reach the soil which will result in a healthier and more drought resistant lawn
  • It will reduce the amount of moss
  • It will improve water irrigation of the soil
  • It will reduce water loss from the lawn surface
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